Reasons to Visit the Texas Coast this Winter

Some people love cold weather. They love snow and skiing and warming up by the fire after a long day outdoors. But cold weather, like many things in life, certainly isn’t for everyone. As fun as snow can be, it means heavy jackets and shoveling and lots and lots of shivering. For kids it might me no school and a day spent sledding but for adults it can mean stressful workday commutes and regularly checking on pipes throughout your homestead.

If you aren’t a fan of cold weather, you’re in good company in Texas! The Texas Coast, specifically the area that features the well-known beaches of Port Aransas and even South Padre Island, features year-round milder weather but promises lots of sunshine and relaxation. Many people tend to think of Florida when the temperatures drop because of the sunny beaches and plethora of entertainment options. But wintertime Florida living comes with a cost, both literally and figuratively. If you’re looking to escape wintertime in the northern US, consider getting away to the Texas Coast.

Five reasons to spend winter on the Texas Coast

  1. Smaller crowds. If you are someone who wishes to escape the hubbub of big-city living, the Texas Coast is a great spot for you. It is estimated that less than 100,000 people per year flee to Texas to soak up the warmer weather while the northern US braves the colder weather. Although Port Aransas’ weather is not dissimilar to Tampa’s in the winter, Florida attracts significantly more snowbirds, or people who migrate to warmer weather during the cold months. It is estimated that almost one million people head to Florida each winter to soak up the warmer weather. If you don’t like crowds, Texas may be a better option!
  2. Less expensive. Because Florida is so desired by so many, the price of living there has increased through the years. Everything is more expensive in Florida during the wintertime than it is in Texas. Take fuel, for example. According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of gas right now is $3.31 in Florida as compared to $2.89 in Texas. If you drive a lot of miles, this adds up!
  3. Close to big cities and Texas-style fun. If you stay along the Texas Coast and want to experience some big-city fun, you’re in luck! Port Aransas is only three hours from Houston and two hours from San Antonio. In January and February, you can check out Houston’s world famous Stock Show and Rodeo and get dressed up in your blingiest rhinestones for the star-studded affair. And who can resist a visit to San Antonio’s gorgeous Riverwalk? If you want to be able to experience some big city fun on your winter getaway, the Texas Coast has got you!
  4. Golf, golf, golf! If part of the appeal of warmer weather is getting to work on your golf game, you’re in luck! Port Aransas has a gorgeous golf course called Palmilla Beach Golf that was originally designed by Arnold Palmer. There’s an on-site restaurant, no dress code and golf carts are included with your game fees. Talk about a great, welcoming place to enjoy the weather!
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors. Even in winter, there is no shortage of fun things to do on the Texas Coast and in the Port Aransas area. There are plenty of water activities you can enjoy, even if it isn’t warm enough to swim. Try fishing or rent a kayak or boat. Embark on a bird watching excursion. Walk along the beaches and look for treasures without as many kids underfoot. Or check out the ever-growing art scene in the area.

Port Aransas lodging

If you are thinking of heading to the coast to escape cold weather, look no further than Port Aransas, Texas. And when you get to Port A, pull your RV right into Pioneer RV Resorts. With an assortment of top notch amenities as well as a picturesque location, Pioneer Beach RV fronts a remote beach on the Gulf of Mexico that visitors to Pioneer RV can access via a boardwalk. This great RV resort features a pool and on-site convenience store as well as a relaxing setting so you can kick back and enjoy the warmer weather on the coast of somewhere beautiful!


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