Abstract Amarillo: A West Texas Adventure

It’s a well-known roadside attraction in the southwest United States that makes Amarillo, Texas, a popular place to stop as travelers head west (or east) on I-40. Ten Cadillacs, nose-down, stick out of the ground at the same angle attract visitors from around the country who want to behold the roadside spectacle called Cadillac Ranch for themselves. Armed with spray paint and cameras, visitors park along the highway access road and travel the dusty trail to this well-known attraction to snap photos and leave their name on the cars in spray paint. Cadillac Ranch is, unarguably, a leading attraction in Amarillo, located in northwest Texas.

But did you know that Cadillac Ranch is just one of several quirky attractions in Amarillo? Created in 1974 by an artist group called Ant Farm, Cadillac Ranch is undeniably a must-see when you travel west. However, it is not the only peculiar site to see while you enjoy time in the Texas Panhandle. The next time you head to Amarillo for a vacation, or simply stop by the booming town on your way to your final destination, take some time to check out these silly sites throughout the city.

Quirky sites to see in Amarillo (that aren’t Cadillac Ranch!)

  • Amarillo RampRenowned artist Robert Smithson, who rose to fame creating land art in the 1960s and 1970s, died in a plane crash in 1973 while surveying the land for the Amarillo Ramp, which was intended to be a ramp emerging from the base of an artificial lake. The land has been preserved as it was on that fateful day in 1973 by the foundation founded by his wife after his death. Visitors can partake the eroding structure today in Amarillo.
  • OzymandiasAlso known the “the giant legs of Amarillo,” Ozymandias is an unfinished sculpture containing only two legs on I-27 as you head out of Amarillo. Constructed in 1996, Ozymandias, the Greek name for Ramesses II, was originally supposed to be a complete statue of a man before the artist decided it was perfect as only legs. It is often covered in graffiti by visitors wanting to leave their mark, but, when the graffiti is blasted away, you can see the white athletic socks painted on by the artist.
  • Quirky Roadside SignsThere is no one place to view the silly road signs that Stanley Marsh 3, the odd millionaire behind Cadillac Ranch, has placed all over the city. They physically resemble city ordinance signs but are instead printed with odd or goofy sayings. One such sign says “I am infected with the callings of a cowboy’s life.” Look for these… odd? Inspiring? Smile-inducing? Signs all over Stanley Marsh’s beloved city.
  • Floating MesaAnother of Stanley Marsh 3’s eccentric creations in the Floating Mesa, located several miles east of Amarillo in Bushland, Texas. The mesa can be viewed from your vehicle and appears to be floating in air because of the white band Marsh had painted around the mesa. So kick back and marvel at this roadside oddity dreamed up by one of Amarillo’s most well-known residents.

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