Dining Experiences in the DFW Metroplex

Let’s be honest. As kids, we all loved going to places like Chuck E. Cheese. We could fill up on yummy food (yummy may be a strong word, also adults have more refined palettes or are more discerning or something) and run around mid-bite playing games and having fun. You could endlessly fill up on soda and snacks as you played in the ball pit, tried to win Skee Ball and dreamed of what awesome prize you would claim with all of your hard-earned tickets.

Well, who said kids get to have all the fun? Who decided that adults can’t also play games while they nosh on pizza? Grabbing a beer and enjoying yard games or arcade games with friends is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. And heck, bring the kids! Or don’t. That choice is yours. But if you are looking for a place where you can fill like a kid again and eat and play til your heart’s content, then DFW has a few places you won’t want to miss!

Six spots in DFW where you can be a kid again

  1. Truck Yard, The Colony. According to the website, Truck Yard is a “come-as-you-are beer garden and adult playground.” You can catch live music here frequently as well as grab a beer and hang out with friends. Life-sized yard games are scattered around the grounds so you can challenge your opponent to Jenga or Battleship. And come hungry! Food Trucks at Truck Yard change daily so you can constantly surprise your taste buds with something new and fresh.
  2. Cidercade, multiple locations. Cidercade is the spot for video game lovers. With locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, there is sure to be a location in your neck of the woods. Cidercade enables you to grab a hard cider (or beer, or mixed drink) and get playing! All sorts of fun games await those who are ready to play. Cidercade doesn’t sell food, but they allow you to bring your own! They also have food trucks out with regularity so you definitely won’t starve as you game.
  3. Two Bit Circus, Dallas. If Virtual Reality games are right up your alley, this is one spot you won’t want to miss. Two Bit Circus, brought to you by the son of the man behind, what else? Chuck E Cheese!, Two Bit Circus is part posh bar, part arcade and part virtual reality wonderland. Guests of all ages will love putting on VR headsets and racing with Spongebob Squarepants or embarking on an epic quest with friends. This spot does have food on site so you can go hungry or just go thirsty if you want!
  4. Wild Acre Brewing, Fort Worth. Don’t let the location of this spot fool you- it’s a hidden gem on Fort Worth’s east side! Go for a beer and a burger and let the kids go wild. Wear your sneakers and you can go wild with the kids, too, on the huge jump pad they inflate on warm, sunny days! Sit in a swing to eat your burger and enjoy the ambiance of this new-ish spot. The food is reasonably priced and totally delicious and the beer is just the icing on the cake.
  5. Chicken N Pickle, Grand Prairie and Grapevine (more locations coming soon). Pickleball, anyone? If you haven’t heard of this new craze yet, you must live under a rock! Just kidding, kinda. This huge spot combines indoor and outdoor pickleball with yard games and a seemingly endless array of delicious chicken entrees! Wear your sneakers and get ready for a good time. Just be sure to reserve a pickleball court in advance because nobody likes to wait in line!
  6. Fowling Warehouse, Plano. Fowling- football and bowling combined. Cool, right? This new spot in Plano claims to combine two of America’s favorite pastimes to create a new adventure. Patrons to this hot spot can try fowling, grab a drink at one of three bars in the restaurant, eat some delicious food and more. Reserve your time online before you go so you don’t have to wait once you arrive!

DFW lodging

With so many great lodging options in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you may have trouble figuring out where you want to stay. Well, here’s the solution: Loyd Park in Grand Prairie! Grand Prairie is centrally located right between Dallas and Fort Worth so you can easily zip over to Fort Worth to check out Wild Acre Brewing or head north to experience Fowling Warehouse in Plano. Plus, Loyd Park has tons of amenities to make you comfortable during your stay. Try out one of the new luxury yurts to camp in style or try out a traditional cabin with everything you need to feel like you’re miles from anywhere when you’re actually in the middle of a huge metro area. Whatever you are after on your stay, Loyd Park has it!


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