Texas RV Park Hosts Butterfly Garden Tour for Students

The day commenced with an immersive journey through the butterfly garden at Oleander Acres, offering students a window into the intricate and captivating world of butterflies. Seth and Candi Welliver, proprietors of Oleander Nursery, extended a heartfelt welcome to the students, ensuring an experience that will resonate for years to come, according to a press release. The Wellivers illuminated the indispensable role that plants play throughout a butterfly’s life cycle, emphasizing their significance as sources of nourishment and sanctuaries for egg-laying.

This engagement went beyond observation; plants were purchased from the onsite nursery, allowing them to bring a tangible piece of the butterfly garden back to their community. This hands-on involvement underscored the imperative of nurturing and conserving natural ecosystems, noted the release.

Moreover, the day marked a significant milestone as plants purchased for three campus butterfly gardens were introduced, courtesy of a grant provided by the Native Plant Society of Texas as part of the Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas initiative. This initiative, a testament to collaborative efforts, aimed to restore habitats and support monarch butterfly populations across Texas. The grant, an outcome of the community’s dedication and commitment, added an extra layer of reward to the day’s events.

One of the most remarkable outcomes of the day was the proactive initiative demonstrated by the students themselves. Inspired by their experience at Oleander Acres, under the guidance of Occupational Therapist Tania Escobar, the students of Roma ISD initiated the establishment of a garden at Roma High School. This garden serves as a refuge for butterflies during their migratory journeys and stands as an educational beacon for all members of the student body and the surrounding community, explained the release.

Expressing their gratitude, Roma ISD remarked, “Thanks to the tireless efforts of Roma ISD Occupational Therapist Tania Escobar, students at Roma High School have planted a garden that serves as a sanctuary for butterflies during their migratory cycles. This educational oasis is a testament to the dedication of the students and staff involved. Congratulations to all!”

The Superintendent of Roma ISD reaffirmed the district’s unwavering dedication to holistic education, stating, “Roma ISD remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering awareness and appreciation for healthy living among its students. Gardens serve as invaluable platforms for imparting knowledge on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Congratulations to the entire community for embracing this multifaceted approach to learning!”

Oleander Acres RV Resort extends heartfelt appreciation to Roma ISD for their collaborative spirit and unwavering enthusiasm in championing environmental stewardship and educational excellence among their students. Together, they have sown the seeds of knowledge and conservation, ensuring a legacy that will flourish for generations to come.


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