Floating the Frio: A Beginner’s Guide

Summer 2023 may be drawing to a close, but it isn’t over yet! In Texas, weather will stay warm well into the late fall months, meaning that bathing suits don’t need to be packed away until long after “visit a pumpkin patch” and “go on a hayride” are checked off everyone’s to-do list. So if floating the river with a bunch of friends while soaking up the sunshine is something you hoped to accomplish in 2023, don’t fret- there is still plenty of time!

What exactly is a float trip? In case you’ve never been, floating the river is just what it sounds like- it’s hopping in a large innertube and letting the natural flow of the river take you downstream while you enjoy nature around you. Floating the river with a group of awesome individuals is a great experience for friends of all ages and groups of all sizes. It means listening to fun music, drinking cold beverages and generally having a great time. Floating the river allows you to soak up the sunshine and natural beauty Mother Nature provides while bonding with others in a relaxed, laidback environment. And there is no better place in Texas for an epic float trip than the Frio River near Concan, Texas, because this spring-fed body of water is cool and refreshing year-round. So grab your buddies, pack your bags and head out for an epic weekend in the great state of Texas.

Tops tips for a successful float trip on the Frio River

  1. Plan your trip. Many tour operators in the area recommend floating for at least two miles to really soak up the experience, and you can expect two miles of floating to take roughly three hours. If you want to float further, plan for a longer day.
  2. Bring your own alcoholic beverages, if that’s of interest to you. Many counties surrounding the Frio River are dry, so you may have a hard time finding your preferred drinks if you wait until you arrive at your destination. Plan to pack your favorite brews and bevvies in coolers and just fill the coolers with ice before you start your trip.
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen and water. The Texas sun is relentless, especially in the summer. No one wants to ruin a great trip with an agonizing sunburn. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. Dehydration can have serious side effects.
  4. Grab a waterproof, portable speaker for tunes while you float. Download a playlist to your phone in case your reception is spotty. And don’t forget a waterproof case for your phone, while you’re at it. There’s no greater buzzkill to an awesome vacation than a phone that takes a swim.
  5. While many local tour operators say you don’t need to make reservations if you are simply tubing or floating down the river, plan ahead if you want a kayak. Those will likely require a reservation in advance. For tubes, simply arrive when you are ready and get excited for fun!
  6. Think about water shoes for your feet. The riverbed can be rocky and uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. Grab some inexpensive water shoes or, if you plan to make float trips a regular thing, maybe invest in a pair of sports sandals such as Keens that will you keep your feet comfortable in and out of water.
  7. Don’t bring valuables on your trip. Things can easily get lost in the river, so leave everything important in your locked hotel room/cabin/RV. Make sure anything you do bring with you is protected in the event it takes a swim.
  8. If you have young kids coming with you, consider life jackets. Safety is important!

Most of all, have fun! Floating is such a great bonding activity for families, friend groups and more. Happy floating!

Concan lodging

A long day spent floating the Frio River calls for a relaxing spot to lay your head at night. If your travels take you to Concan, you need to consider a stay at Parkview Riverside RV. Located right by Garner State Park, this well-maintained campground offers up a great location, beautiful scenery and lots of amenities for travelers. The air-conditioned bathhouse is the perfect spot to rinse the day away before you hang out at your campsite, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the evening air with friends and family. Book your stay today!


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