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Texas Attractions: Texas State Railroad

Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by admin No Comments

Most of our modern-day travel is focused on getting to the intended destination as quickly as possible, instead of on taking the scenic route. Conversely, in days of yore, part of the  focus of traveling was on the pleasure of the ride itself. Amidst the Piney Woods of East Texas lies a true Texas treasure that will take you back to the romantic days of rail travel – the Texas State Railroad.

Established in 1881, the historic railroad offers visitors excursions between Rusk and Palestine, involving a 90-minute ride each way. The rail adventure begins when you arrive at the preserved Victorian depot, where people used to gather to either send loved ones off on a journey or to greet them upon their return. While waiting for your train you can read about the history and study the photos on display. Once the giant steam engine comes puffing in, you can embark on a restful trip, where views of lush forests and rolling hills will pass by as the train chugs along the route. The whole experience is great family fun.

Aside from the weekend rides, the railroad has different themed events at various times throughout the year. The Moonlight Special Dinner Train will be on October 18, when you can enjoy an elegant dinner in the dining car on the evening of a full moon.

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